How to Grow Your Law Practice On a Shoestring Budget - Teleseminar Series

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8 Part Teleclass Series for Solo Practitioners, Law Firm Associates or Small Practices

Are you:

  • A solo or small firm lawyer who wants to grow your practice without spending your last dime on 'marketing?'
  • Overwhelmed with all of the available marketing tools and methods or unsure about where to start?
  • Pressed for time or tired of reading about marketing ideas that are geared toward 'Biglaw' attorneys?
  • An associate who wants to build your rainmaking skills and make yourself more valuable to your firm?
  • Looking for affordable ways to stand out in a crowded market?
  • A great lawyer, but clueless when it comes to getting clients or bringing in business?

You don’t have to spend all of your hard-earned money bringing in clients. There are very effective ways to market and build your practice without breaking the bank. We'll delve into practical, effective solutions for growing your law practice without spending a boatload of money. You don't have to hire someone with a special degree- you'll be able to effectively implement these techniques yourself.

There's lots of information out there about marketing a law practice, but much of it is geared toward the "Biglaw" firms with big marketing budgets and lacks practical advice on how to implement it on your own.

This eight week teleclass series shows you how to make the most of your marketing dollar and create a customized marketing plan for you to follow.

In only 8 sessions, you'll have a practical, focused approach to marketing your practice that will save you time and money and reduce frustration and anxiety.

We guarantee that these tactics will be easy to apply. We'll show you how to capitalize on your strengths and use these techniques as building blocks. Best of all, even if you don't apply all of them immediately, you'll have a plan to follow in the future.

The bottom line - you'll finish the course with more confidence and be able to jump-start your business development efforts.


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Here's a breakdown of what you’ll learn:

Organize and Manage Your Practice to Ensure Time for High Value Activities

  • How to structure your practice so marketing is a regular activity
  • Strategies for organizing your time to focus on the activities that bring the highest return
  • When and how to plan activities that will bring you business

Effective Networking - Building Bridges Between Law Firms and Clients

  • How to get started networking
  • Capitalizing on both online and offline networking
  • How to become a good 'connector'

Identify and Profile Your Highest Value Clients

  • How to identify your highest and lowest value clients
  • Why creating a client profile will help you focus your marketing efforts and internal firm activities
  • How to focus your marketing on the highest value clients

Speaking Strategies: Be Heard Right The First Time

  • Give presentations that powerfully connect with your audience
  • What sets a good presenter apart
  • Follow up strategies after your speaking engagement

It's All About the Client: Creating a Client-Focused Marketing Message

  • Creating an effective, client-focused message
  • How to present your knowledge, skills and experience in a way that your clients can relate to
  • Using social media to help create and disseminate your message

Writing: Get Noticed and Get Business

  • How getting the name of the firm in professional newsletters, publications and local newspapers helps with marketing
  • Differences between writing your newsletters and having a byline
  • How to target publications and build relationships with editors

Developing your Marketing Action Plan

  • The elments of a good marketing plan
  • Marketing action steps
  • Follow up systems that work

Media Relations: Become Media Savvy and Use the Press to Build Your Reputation

  • The role of media relations in building your practice
  • Is PR on a shoestring budget even possible?
  • How you can use social media to cement relationships with reporters
...and more!



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Hamill photo"The money I spent on this teleclass was the best investment I made in my practice so far"

“Last January, I thought that spending money on coaches or other investments into my practice was a bad idea, since it meant spending money. This year, I know that the money I spent on the ‘How to Grow Your Law Practice on a Shoestring Budget’ teleclass was the best investment I made in my practice so far.”

 Leanna Hamill, Attorney at Law
Estate planning-Elder Law
160 Old Derby St., Suite 25

Hingham, MA


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Who are you, and why should we listen to you?

Paramjit L. Mahli is the founder of award-winning SCG Legal PR Network, a service that connects legal experts with reporters nationallyand internationally. Paramjit has worked in communications for 18 years, with experience in journalism, public relations and teaching in the U.S. and abroad.

Before she started SCG Legal PR Network, Paramjit worked as a producer and reporter for international and domestic news organizations, including the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Financial Post, CNN, CNNfn, and the Journal of Commerce. In 2000, Mahli started the Sun Communication Group, her own PR and marketing consultancy for law firms and later launched SCG Legal PR Network in 2009.

Paramjit is Co-Chair of the Communications Committee of the New York Chapter of the Legal Marketing Association (LMA). She is also a member of the Association of Continuing Legal Education and the Public Relations Society of America.

Paramjit has written articles for legal publications such as Law Practice Today, Small Firm, Inc. and Marketing the Law Firm. She is a regular contributor to TechnoLawyer and the New Jersey Law Journal. She has also spoken on various CLE panels on marketing for the Association of the Bar of the City of New York. Paramjit frequently writes for and teaches CLEs and teleseminars on topics such as connecting legal experts with reporters, training associates, crisis communication and social media. She also trains and consults with law firms on business development.

AllisonAllison Shields of Legal Ease Consulting was a practicing lawyer for over 15 years and the Administrative Partner at a 50 lawyer firm in the New York Metropolitan area. Her background provides a unique perspective on the challenges faced by law firms and law firm managers in particular. 

Allison has been involved with all aspects of management and marketing, and faced many of the same daily challenges lawyers face.  She discovered her passion for helping lawyers and law firms create practices they love, while attracting the best clients and providing those clients with exceptional service. 

Allison has made it her mission to ferret out the most frustrating and difficult aspects of managing and marketing a law firm and to help her clients find the most effective ways of meeting those challenges. This teleclass series is just one way she's sharing those experiences with you.

Allison writes the Legal Ease Blog, is a contributor to Lawyerist and a columnist for, and writes frequently for Law Practice Today and other legal publications. She has conducted webinars, presented CLE programs and lectured around the country on practice management and business development topics including time management, productivity, billing and collections, marketing strategy, social media and other law practice management topics. She coaches and consults with lawyers and law firms all over the United States.

The real power in this teleseminar series is that you'll be getting strategies that will help you present your practice in the best light and ensure that the internal workings live up to your promises. You'll hear from two different consultants, with experience inside and outside of law firms and the media.

As business owners, both Allison and Paramjit know first hand the struggles of trying to 'do it all', and the challenges involved in promoting yourself and your business on a tight budget (and still get client work done).

Here's what others had to say about the program:

“The materials were excellent. I would definitely recommend it to other attorneys. I’m already using some of the tactics I learned.”

Brian Mittman, Esq.,
White Plains, New York

“I have really enjoyed listening to both of you. I learned a lot from both of you, and it has caused me to do a lot of thinking about my clients and my practice. Candidly, the class exceeded my expectations about receiving information to "put it all together" to market my practice.

Thank you both for putting together and presenting a great class.”

Mark R. Callender, Esq.
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

“The seminar exceeded my expectations because it contained so much information. Taking the course again is something I think I would do.  There were many levels of marketing that were addressed.

My business has grown tremendously as a result of the marketing seminar.  I was able to increase my rates, fire bad clients or let them move on.  I now have a better evaluating tool for clients and  I have a much better idea of who my ideal client is."  

Vaughn J. Buffalo
Buffalo & Associates LLC
26 Broadway, 18th Floor
New York, NY 10004

The Specifics

All classes will be conducted by telephone on Monday evenings at 5:00 p.m. Eastern time. But don't forget - if you purchase the premium version, you will be able to download the recordings and burn them to CD, transfer them to your MP3 player, or listen at your computer whenever you want - as many times as you want.



Monday, March 7, 2011


How and Why to Make Time for Marketing - Organize Your Practice to Ensure Time for High Value Activities


Monday, March 14, 2011


Effective Networking: Building Bridges Between Law Firms and Clients


Monday, March 21, 2011


Focus on Your Highest Value Clients: Identify and Profile Your Best Clients



Monday, March 28, 2011


Speaking Strategies: Be Heard Right the First Time

Monday, April 4, 2011


It's All About the Client: Creating Marketing Messages that Work


Monday, April 11, 2011


Writing: Get Noticed and Get Business


Monday, April 18, 2011


Developing your Marketing Action Plan


Monday, April 25, 2011


Media Relations: Become Media Savvy and Use the Press to Build Your Reputation



Each teleseminar will last between 60 and 75 minutes long, and will include an opportunity for participants to ask individual questions about the topics discussed.

Practical applications: After each session, participants will receive a ‘homework’ assignment to be completed before the next session. The homework consists of exercises that are designed to reinforce what was learned during that week’s class, and to help you put these ideas into practice in the real world, right away.

The 'buddy system': We are firm believers in the power of groups too keep you inspired and keep you on track. Each participant will be assigned a ‘buddy’ to help them work through the homework assignments, to bounce ideas off of, and to offer encouragement. We encourage buddies to ‘meet’ via telephone and email between sessions to discuss and complete the exercises.

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binderBonus #1 - In addition to the teleseminars, practical exercises and opportunities to ask questions, each participant will receive written notes in the form of pdf files so that you can refer back to the areas we discussed, long after the teleclass series has been completed. For those of you that learn better by reading than by listening, the notes will help you to absorb the information easier and faster.



Bonus #2
101 Marketing Tips to Grow Your Law Firm ($18.99 value)
Each participant will receive this e-booklet, filled with tips and tricks which are simple, easy to follow, and will show you simple ways of improving the marketing at your firm without breaking the bank.


vision-mission workbook coverBonus #3
Creating Effective Vision and Mission Statements ($24.99 value) E-booklet including exercises you can do alone or with others to help you create an effective vision and mission statement for your law firm. Even associates or solos will benefit from identifying their personal mission and creating their own vision for their professional career.

microphone imageBonus #4 - Downloadable Recordings ($500 value)
If you choose the premium option, you'll not only get the notes, but you'll get a downloadable recording of each session. You can listen to the recordings at your computer, download them to your mp3 player, or burn them to a CD to listen to any time. These recordings will be an invaluable addition to your professional development library.

telephoneBonus #5 - Individual Consulting (over $300 value)
When you choose the premium option, you will be entitled to 30 minutes of consulting from EACH of the teleseminar leaders. Contact Allison and Paramjit to schedule your consultations by April 30, 2011. We’ll talk specifically about the challenges you’re facing in your individual practice and you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions about public relations, advertising, marketing, networking, practice management, systems, client relations, etc.

To ensure personal attention for each participant in the series, this teleseminar series will be limited, so don't hesitate to sign up.

"Because of the class on media relations, (How To Grow Your Law Practice on a Shoestring Budget)I feel I have the foundation to grow in the area of public relations, and I even got some one-on -one help outside of the class with a TV interview. I learned how to prepare and to leverage the engagement by following up with the reporter and keeping in contact.

I would definitely recommend this class. The class lived up to its description of marketing on a shoestring budget and more. A great way to get started or restart a marketing plan."

Laurie Kadair Redman
Louisiana Estate Planning and Elder Law
Editorial Board of ABA GP Solo


The Better than 100% Money Back Guarantee

We're so certain that this teleseminar series will provide you with new ideas for growing your practice on a limited budget that we're offering the series with a better than 100% money back guarantee.

That’s right! Complete the teleseminar series, including the exercises and assignments, and if you feel you haven’t learned anything of value, we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

Why is it better than a 100% money back guarantee? Because if you complete the series and request your money back, you can keep the bonuses, free of charge.

Not sure you're ready for the full live teleseminar series? Perhaps the Home Study version of this course is for you - you can purchase the entire series OR individual segments. To learn more, click here, or order in the table below.

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Choose your option

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Basic Package

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Home Study Premium Package

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How to Grow Your Law Practice On A Shoestring Budget 8 Week Live Teleseminar series, including assignments and exercises




Bonus #1

Class Notes for each session ($75 value)

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Bonus #2

101 Marketing Tips

($18.99 value)


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Bonus #3

Creating Effective Law Firm Vision and Mission Statements

($24.99 value)

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Bonus #4

Recordings ($500 value) Downloadable recordings of each teleclass session

  yes yes

Bonus #5

30 minute consultation with Paramjit Mahli of Sun Communications


30 minute consultation with Allison Shields of Legal Ease Consulting

(over $300 value)












Registration for this session is currently closed.

Registration for this session is currently closed. 

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*Calls are not toll-free. Price does not include the cost of long-distance telephone charges for the calls. All participants will be responsible for their own long-distance telephone charges.

Allison & ParamjitWe're looking forward to meeting you on the teleseminar!


Allison C. Shields
Legal Ease Consulting, Inc
Creating Productive, Profitable and Enjoyable Law Practices

Paramjit Mahli
SCG Legal PR Network
Connecting Legal Experts as Sources with Journalists

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